Optimize your services and monitor progress with analytics and data.

Leverage your efficiency, pinpoint your highest valued services, and follow the data to grow your business.

estimate profit

Estimate Results to Grow

Know estimated profit of every service while creating the bid.

Identify Key Services with Metrics

Let your profit margin thrive by capturing revenue and cost metrics.

make better decisions

Better Decision Making

Make informed business decisions by discovering inventory and material usage.


Eliminate job forms and sheets completely.

Consolidate all your software and documents into Nektyd. Setup your workers to input all needed information with a single-click. 


“We use Nektyd for route sheets, property notes, site maps, assigning trucks and so much more.” – Hopwood Enterprises

Discover lost revenue and unknown costs.

Your two biggest expenses are materials and wages. Learn exactly what, who, and where for every service. Find the exact spot your business is growing or lacking. 


“Nektyd is easy-peasy and now the drivers and accounting people all love it! Why didn’t we sign up sooner?” – Al Ried

profit tracking

Diminish your stress knowing you have Nektyd.

All-in-one software to estimate, schedule, and invoice for your entire team. Unlimited storage for job and service details, which you can access instantly.


“Nektyd saved our staff 90% of their time on billing alone.” – Jacki

Nektyd helps you identify key job metrics to expedite your growth.


Make decisions based on the data. Learn every detail in the field to make an informed business decision.
time on property

Time on Property

Reduce liability of every service by having Nektyd document it all for you. 
identify top performing workers

Top Performers

Determine your top performing workers and most profitable clients.

Unlimited Storage

All of your job and service data will be stored forever.

Get More Data

Use data to make better decisions. Identify key job details to grow your business.
money back guarantee

All plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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