Snow Crew and Route Tracking software

Reduce your liability and stress with Live-updates and GPS pinging for every storm, crew, and service.

Less stress and less liability for every storm.

Live GPS updates and pings.

Understand where every crew is located with GPS pinging on every service.

Automate condition documentation.

Nektyd automatically pings and documents temperature, weather conditions, and location for you on every service.

Automate billing and cost tracking.

Nektyd automatically tracks cost of wages, inventory and materials while generating billable items for you.

Too easy for every worker.

Document in one-click.

Reduce stress and repeatable tasks.

eliminate job forms completely
implement better communications

Automate location and weather pings.

Reduce liability every storm.

Increase worker satisfaction.

Plan for the future

Whether you use snow management software now or not, you need a reliable software provider. Save your team time by implementing Nektyd. We’re custom-built for the snow industry and continually invest time and money in developing features which are helping snow plow companies across the nation.

Reduce stress

Reduce stress of tracking snow routes with crew monitoring software made for the snow industry.

Save time

Save time for your entire team by implementing Nektyd once. When your routes are created and your pricing is setup, every service will be tracked and documented forever.

Customize your business

Nektyd is made to fit your current operations and routing. We can teach your team in one day. Or learn on your own at your leisure. Customize Nektyd to simplify your team operations and crew tracking.

Megan@Manager of 12 crews
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“We use Nektyd for route sheets, property notes, site maps, assigning trucks and so much more.”
Al Ried@Owner
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“Nektyd is easy-peasy and now the drivers and accounting people all love it! Why didn’t we sign up sooner?”
Jacki@Manager of 34 crews
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“Nektyd saved our staff 90% of their time on billing alone.”

Increase your company growth with crew tracking snow software

Nektyd does everything you could possibly want it to do and not only that, it is beautifully designed and extremely intuitive to use. Verify and send invoices in ten minutes or less.

What can Nektyd do for you?

1 %

Nektyd is helping snow companies managing 40 crews, save 90% of the staff’s time on invoicing alone. See for yourself by booking a demo.

1 min
to get your clients and team on-boarded

It takes our average company less than 10 minutes to get their team and client base on-boarded inside Nektyd. Find out how long it takes you by scheduling a demo right now.

How does Nektyd save up to 90% of your staff's time on invoicing?

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