Tips to Grow your Snow Plowing Business

Snow plowing and truck plows

Is your snow plowing business not raging with success as you always thought it would? If so, then chances are you’ve not done everything you should for proper marketing.

First off, let’s make one thing clear: no agency can succeed without providing a top-notch service.

So the first thing you need to ensure is that the service you’re providing is worth it for your clients — to keep them happy and loyal.

Once you’re sure of that, start implementing the following growth tips to scale your business.

1. Invest In Software

It’s no secret that software help businesses grow by enabling them to create a more efficient process that helps them consistently deliver better services.

But can the same be said for snow plowing agencies?

According to the 2014 Snow Industry Benchmark Report, yes it can.

This report states:

Moreover, nearly 45% of agencies using software increased their revenue by more than 20%. Also, 92% software using companies scaled their profit as compared to only 73% agencies that don’t leverage any software.

After reading these results, the importance of implementing software in a snow removal business becomes as clear as daylight.

When looking for software, you should be focused on automated billing, simple dispatching, and cost tracking. These three elements are critical to simplify and understand with your snow business.

Learn how Nektyd’s software is helping some companies grow 600% while saving 90% of their office staff’s time managing over 30 crews!

2. Advertise On-Time

When summer comes to an end, it is the perfect time to start marketing your services.

According to experts, mid-September is the best time to start promoting your snow removal services because you will be on top of mind when potential customers are focused on preparing their yard for winter.

If you offer seasonal services, then you should market your winter services after summer ends, and your summer services after winter.

This way you will become the go-to and one-stop-shop for your clients.

3. Buy More Equipment

As we mentioned earlier, keeping your clients happy is crucial for your success, and you can’t do that without removing every inch of snow from their yard.

Getting rid of the snow completely, often requires more than just a plow. This is why you need to buy more equipment including shovels and snowblowers to help your team do the job right. Boss Plow is leading the industry in necessary equipment for scaling an operating a successful Plowing business

Furthermore, with more equipment, you can offer more services — which is a great way to grow your business.

4. Use Savvy Marketing Tactics

Using savvy marketing tactics to promote your services works like magic.

Here are 3 effective tactics you can easily implement:

  1. Offer a one-month discount or free service to your client in return for a video testimonial. Add the video on your official website as social proof to build trust and authority.
  2. Start a competition among your customers. Whoever gets you the most referrals will win an award — which could be anything from an iPad to a big discount. Use this tactic and watch your referral numbers soar.
  3. Simply ask your existing customers for referrals. Once again, it’s all about keeping clients happy. If you have a loyal clientele, then you can expect to get a lot of business through this simple yet highly-effective marketing technique.

At a minimum, postcards and yard signs are a easy way to build local brand awareness with minimal costs.

5. Find An Edge

According to the Snow Industry Benchmark Report, most snow plowing agencies do everything exactly the same — from their offered services to their marketing tactics.

With so much competition, what you need more than anything else to stand out is an edge. Based on trends and data, you should start looking for ways of adding subcontractors into your business. This is a great resource to help you start subbing your service business.

Using this clever tactic, many companies have outsourced work, and thus increased their profits adding no additional costs.

So to succeed in the saturated market of today, you need to find an edge for not only growing your snow plowing business but increasing profits as well to make it worth your while.

Nektyd always gives free business consultations to help you learn and grow.

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