Top Snow Plow Trucks for Your Business

Starting your own snow removal service or looking to add a truck to your snow plow operations?

When it comes to running a snow removal business, you need durable, powerful, and reasonably priced plowing trucks that can handle the heavy-duty for a long time.

But how do you find the right truck? One that is fairly priced and gets the job done.

You can go through a long list of trucks and compare specs, prices, and reviews of each one… But this method isn’t ideal, as it can take up a lot of time.

The smarter way is to go through our list of top snow plow trucks for your business! Each truck mentioned on our list is fairly priced and can plow snow effectively.

1). Dodge Ram

Base Price: $31,795

Quick Specs:

Torque: 410 Lb-Ft

Torque rpm: 3,950

Payload: 1,450 Lbs

Horsepower: 395 Hp

Horsepower rpm: 5,600

Base engine size: 5.7 Liters

Base engine type: V-8

Maximum towing capacity: 7,970 Lbs.

As you can see from the specs, this is one bad ass truck! With 395 horsepower, the Dodge Ram can plow huge piles of snow with ease.

2). Chevy Colorado

Base Price: $20,000

Quick Specs:

Seats: 2 – 5

Torque: 191 – 369 ft-lb

Engine: Gasoline, Flex Fuel, Diesel

Drivetrain: Rear Wheel Drive, Four Wheel Drive

Horsepower: 181 – 308 hp

Fuel Economy: 9.2 – 12.2 City/HWY combined

If you’re looking to buy a low-cost truck that can handle some heavy-duty, then Chevrolet Colorado is the one for you!

It’s an easy-to-drive beginner’s truck with enough power to remove piles of snow. And although it doesn’t come as powerful as top-of-the-line trucks, if you’re willing to spend some cash, you can upgrade it to a monster truck through factory upgrades.

3). GMC Sierra

Base Price: $29,700

Quick Specs:

Drivetrain: Rear Wheel Drive

Body Style: Crew Cab Pickup – Short Bed

EngineGas: Ethanol V6, 4.3L

Style Name: Crew Cab Short Box 2-Wheel Drive

Horsepower: 365 hp

Gas Mileage: 18 mpg City/24 mpg Hwy

Passenger Doors: 4

Passenger Capacity: 6

If you’re looking for a stylish, durable, and powerful truck with a great fuel economy, then GMC Sierra is your dream truck. With 365 hp, you can bet that it can plow snow easily.

4). Ford F-150

Base Price: $28,675

Quick Specs:

Seats: 3 – 6

Engine: Flex Fuel, Gasoline

Torque: 253 – 510 ft-lb

Drivetrain: Rear Wheel Drive, Four Wheel Drive

Horsepower: 282 – 450 hp

Maximum Trailering Capacity: 2268 Kg

Ford F-150 is the best-selling truck in the world. Yes, that’s right! Not only in America, but the demand for this powerful truck is higher than any other truck worldwide.

5). Nissan Titan XD

Base Price: $31,590


Seats: 5

Cylinders: V8

Horsepower: 390 hp

Engine Type: Diesel

Drive Type: Four-wheel drive

Transmission: 6-speed shiftable automatic

Basic Warranty:     5 year

Truck enthusiasts praise Nissan Titan XD for its heavy-duty capabilities and smooth ride experience. According to most users, the driver’s seat experience in this truck is more comfortable than any other.

So if you’re working long hours, then Nissan Titan XD is a smart choice.

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